Are you stuck in a rut? Do you want to escape in a new world?

Complete Escape Room is giving you this opportunity. In the rooms you can become a new character, an explorer or a prisoner.

You have 60 minutes to escape. With the help of your friends you must explore the room, solve puzzles and find a way out. Every detail matters and all the things found can help you escape.

If you cannot solve a puzzle, we can help you with clues. But be careful, the number of clues is limited. All you need is thinking outside the box, attention to details, intuition and team work.

Feel the ultimate real-life gaming experience. Book a room now!!!

Complete Escape Room Bucharest is a real escape game. From the moment we lock you in the room and start the timer you have only one purpose: escape!

The game is very entertaining and though it seems simple, it is very challenging. Time is very precious and no second can be wasted! Now is the time to think, find clues, discover secretes, solve puzzles, enjoy the mystery,  adrenaline, find evidence, tools, things you never imagined, alone or with the help of your friends, you connect the clues and escape.

We want you to have tremendous fun in these 60 minutes, we want to provide a unique experience and earn your recommendation. Join our Facebook gang and be the first to receive the news.

Complete Escape Room awaits you every day! No obstacle is insurmountable, no room is invincible! We can’t guarantee you will exit the room, but we assure you will have great fun. Taste the fun and take part in deciphering the mysteries of escape rooms of Bucharest!