web page is administered by Adrian Art Film SRL

The hereby rules are addressed to all the participants in the games. In order to participate in games the explicit consent of the herein terms and conditions is mandatory.

Hereinafter both entities (webpage and the company) shall be referred to as “CompleteEscape”.

Hereinafter the beneficiaries of the CompleteEscape services shall be referred to as “participants”.


Reservations can be acquired by phone, by visiting CompleteEscape web page or at our location.

A reservation is binding once you have received the confirmation email. Please check both your inbox and your spam/trash/junk email folders. In case you do not receive the confirmation email please contact CompleteEscape at the phone number listed on our webpage, in the contact section.

In order to cancel your reservation please contact us with at least three hours before the time of your original reservation at the phone number listed on or webpage, under contact section.

Attention: Making a reservation implies your consent and the other participant’s consent with these terms and conditions.

CompleteEscape location

Access on the CompleteEscape premises is strictly forbidden to people under the influence of alcohol or in possession of alcohol, drugs and any other substances prohibited by law. In such situations CompleteEscape reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the game without reimbursement of the ticket.

The minimum age for participation in the CompleteEscape games is 7. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The adult assumes all responsibility for the minor. Minors with ages between 14 and 18 may participate in the game with the signed consent of the minor’s parent or accompanied by an adult. In case of disregarding these rules the organizers have the right to stop the game without refunding the ticket.

In order to confirm the participant’s age CompleteEscape may require the presentation of an id card.

People suffering from claustrophobia, heart disease, panic attacks, asthma and or epilepsy can participate at their own risk. CompleteEscape location may contain elements with visual impact or lights that may trigger such afflictions.

Smoking is strictly prohibited.

CompleteEscape facility is under permanent video surveillance. The participants understand and accept that the escape room game is being monitored by CompleteEscape using surveillance cameras. Participants are prohibited from physically interacting with the cameras or obstructing the surveillance cameras in any way.

Video recordings or still photography of the rooms, of the game or the objects in the rooms is strictly forbidden. In case of disregarding these rules, the game will be interrupted immediately by the organizers and the ticket will not be reimbursed.

CompleteEscape reserves the right to select its customers.

Unfolding of the game

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time in order to participate in the training regarding the rules of the game and rules of conduct. In case you are late you will be instructed on the time reserved to play the game. Participation is allowed only after all the participants have been trained.

Teams of 2 up to 6 players may participate in the escape room game, depending on the chosen room.

The participants understand and accept the fact that during the game they will be physically locked in a room for maximum 60 minutes. In case of health or safety problems CompleteEscape will open the door, without reimbursing the value of the tickets.

Solving the puzzles does not require brute force, damaging the furniture, the heating and illumination systems or surveillance installations. Any damaged objects, if improperly used, are to be reimbursed by the participant, on the same day.