Room Type: Action, Mystery, Horror
Difficulty: DificultateMaze – 7 / 10
Recommended number of players: 2 – 5 persoane
Duration: 60 de minute
Additional hint: 5

You were watched. A secret organization kidnapped and included you in an experimental program. You wake up in a strange isolated place. Fear lurks in the back of your mind and you don’t know how to react. You are stuck in a blackness so deep you can feel it chocking you. Everything overwhelms you and makes you want to give up. You are not alone. Others are living the same drama and are trying to survive. The only way out of this place seems to be the labyrinth, but the stories others have told you and the eerie sounds scare you.
Everyone trusts you. Help them find the clues scattered by your forerunners so all of you can escape. Get into this race against the clock before the maze changes and all of you are lost forever.
Why were you kidnapped? What is your purpose there? What ploys will cause you problems?… and the hardest question: Will you be able to discover the secret of the maze and escape?
Find out on you own…

Maze Room * Labirintul * Escape Room Bucuresti

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